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Used by the legendary Andrew Scheps!

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How it works

Chaining up an EQ, compressor and overdrive pedal will never give you the same result as SkarBassOne achieves, not by a long shot! The precise filters in SkarBassOne is what gives you the extremely surgical tone and the wide range of possibilities without breaking a sweat!

No matter the settings you will always keep the clean powerful low end with this multiband overdrive and that is a must for bass. Controlling the mids of a bass sound has never been easier! You will get out of the way from other instruments masking frequencies and take up all the space that is ment for you and ONLY you!

It might look simple on the outside, but I assure you the inside is a matrix of years with development. The flexible multiband drive is smooth all the way thru it’s range and I promise you it will never ever mess with your low end!

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One knob FET compressor with fast attack and release. It handles dynamics with ease and creates a solid wall of tone.

Compression LED:

Visual indication of how hard the compressor is working.


Mid filter to achieve the surgical studio tone! Create a defined, in the pocket frequency response for the bass to sound massive and to make it sit with other instruments. Your band mates will never beg you to turn down your bass again!


Quickly set the tonal balance between low frequencies and high frequencies. Find the sweet spot in any situation.


On/Off switch for Drive and Tone.
Red channel =Drive and Tone active.
Blue channel = Drive and Tone off.
Compression, Mid and Mix is active on both channels.

Set the amount of multiband drive, from gentle push to full on bark!

Hi-cut filter to control the high frequencies of the output.



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