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Kyle Konkiel

Band: Bad Wolves

” I’ve been searching for the best multiband drive pedal for years and SkarBassOne is it. Does everything your favorite multiband drive plugins do but better!”

Bård Linga

Band: Bokassa

“This pedal makes my bass guitar sound super defined and consistent, and makes it so I can crank my volume way up and cut through without getting in the way of the other instruments. It brings all the studio bass tricks to the stage and rehearsal space and I love how it sounds. The compressor slaps super hard as well.”

Victor Brandt

Bands: Dimmu Borgir, Satyricon, Dominion, Necrocide, Entombed, Aeon and Totalt Jävla Mörker.

“I was happily surprised how intuitive the SkarBassone is with impressive sound quality and a wide range of tone sculpting possibilities. PRO GEAR!”

Robin “Wizziac” Isaksen

Bands: Keep of Kalessin, Nexorum

“Throughout the years I’ve tried numerous preamp pedals, but none of them have impressed as much as the SkarBassOne.

This is exactly what I have been looking for all these years. Highly recommended!”


Martin Nordvik

Band: Hypermass

“The SkarBassOne is everything I’ve ever needed, and will need for the ultimate, juicy bass tone”

Johan Larsson

Band: Onkl P & De Fjerne Slektningene

“Finally someone has made an overdrive for bass that I can LOVE!”

James Blennerhassett

Bands: Toured around the world and recorded with amazing artists and bands  such as Gilbert O’Sullivan, Elvis Costello, Gabrielle, The Rolling Stones, Steve Earle, Jackson Browne, Mary Black, The Chieftains, Daniel O’Donnell and Paul Brady to name but a few…

“I ordered the pedal after seeing a youtube video thinking it might be good for quick trips to festivals etc. but since I plugged it in to Cubase in my studio it’s staying there, great recording tones with no fuss. I’m a fan”

Robin Zielhorst

Bands: Exivious, Our Oceans, Cynic, Textures, ONEGODLESS and Ne Obliviscaris.

“For my more aggressive distorted sound, I use the newly discovered Trondheim Audio Devices SkarBassOne. The pedal gives the possibility to dial in the exact tone and aggression that’s required for the sound of the bass on my upcoming recordings. “Stay tuned, and get Skarred!”

Ivan Car

Band: E.N.D.

“Skarbass One added a new dimension to my tone. Layers of clean and distorted signal sit in the mix so good it hardly needs any adjustments from FOH. A mix ready tone! By tweaking the knobs you can get so many different sounds and they all sound so good.”

Lukas Ohlsson

Band: Karmanjakah

“The SkarBassOne distortion is easy to dial fittingly in the mix when rehearsing or playing live and the pedal makes it fun to play and inspires me to write music!”

Ariel Garcia

Band: Thrive Worship

“The overdrive in this pedal is fire!!”

Sung-Hwan Byun

Band: Broken Valentine

“SkarBassOne, a new paradigm in bass effectors, makes my bass tone powerful, clear, and efficient, making it the perfect partner to realize the grand, dynamic, and emotional music of Broken Valentine”