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About us

Trondheim Audio Devices, a Norwegian company established by producer Jon-Tore Dombu, originated from a unique need. Studio clients desired to replicate their in-studio bass sound during live performances, a challenge that seemed insurmountable with existing equipment. This led to the creation of bespoke hardware from the ground up. After months of development, the first prototype was ready, its inaugural test marked by a mix of tension and excitement. The result? A sound quality so exceptional, it demanded to be shared. Thus, Trondheim Audio Devices was born, driven by our motto: “Great Sound Made Easy.” Our commitment is to continually craft products that not only embody this ethos but also inspire musicians worldwide to continue their passion for creating extraordinary music.

“Great Sound Made Easy”

Jon Tore Dombu- CEO

Photo: Kristoffer Wittrup.

Great sound made easy!